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Dear User,
Welcome to the Terms & Conditions section. We hope you have gone through our privacy policy before visiting this page. We encourage you to go through the terms laid out below in detail. We don’t intend to overwhelm you with the legal terms and jargons used in this document, but rather to educate you about the governing terms and conditions of our products and services. This webpage also contains the terms of use that describes the governing terms and conditions of your use of this website.
Few terminologies and definitions before we move forward
1. The Website https://www.ashvfinance.in and its internet-based applications will be collectively referred to as “Website” or “Services”.
2. The aforementioned website is owned and managed by Ashv Finance (Formerly known as IntelleGrow), a company incorporated under Companies Act, 1956 having its registered office under at 12B, 3rd Floor, Techniplex-II, IT Park, Off. Veer Savarkar Flyover, Goregaon (West), Mumbai – 400062, Maharashtra, India.
3. Going forward, the company name will be referred to as “We”, or “Us” or “Our” or “Ashv” or “Ashv Finance”.
4. Each visitor of our website will be referred to as “You”.
5. Any information that you provide us by filling in inquiry forms, replying to our emails or while interacting with our representatives in person or via telephone will be referred to as “Information” or “Data”.
6. Any Information that your browser sends to our server in the form of website cookies, cache & IP address will be referred to as “Usage Data”.
7. The Terms and Conditions & The Terms of Use laid down below will be collectively referred to as “Terms”.
8. All information, material, news items, data, analysis, etc. present on our website will be collectively referred to as “Content”.
Terms & Conditions
The Terms laid on this webpage shall govern Your use of Our products, services and Content mentioned on this Website. By visiting this Website or accessing any of its pages, You are implicitly agreeing to all Our Terms. In case You have any objection to any of the Terms laid out below, it is advisable that You must refrain from accessing Our Website or applying for any of Our products or services hereafter.
Here are the Terms and conditions with respect to Our products, services and Content mentioned on Our Website:
a) Your eligibility to avail the Services and Content offered on the Website by Us will be at Our sole discretion and may be subject to submitting necessary documents, providing any security(ies) and other closing formalities.
b) The Terms of the loan would be largely dependent on the customary and statutory rules and regulations and the local conditions in each area and may vary from state to state, depending on the laws and procedures as outlined by the state government or any of its authorised bodies.
c) Any Content obtained at or through this Website is not and should not be interpreted as an offer to sanction any loan or any other service.
d) The proceeds of the disbursed loan amount shall not for any speculative, anti-social, immoral or illegal purposes. If the disbursed loan amount is used for any other purpose other than the declared purpose by you, We have the right to revoke the services provided to You.
e) We have the right to disclose Your Information to RBI authorised credit bureaus and other relevant third parties for processing your loan application.
f) We may reject Your loan application without providing any reasons, and You reserve no right to appeal against Our decision with respect to Your loan application.
g) The aforementioned Terms and Conditions are subject to amendments from time to time without any prior notice, We advise You to review this page regularly in order to stay updated. Changes to this privacy policy are effective from the date they are posted on this page.

Terms of Use
Following are the Terms of Use governing Your use of https://www.ashvfinance.in
By visiting this Website or accessing any of its pages, You are implicitly agreeing to all Our Terms of Use. In case, You have any objection to any of the Terms laid out below, it is advisable that You must refrain from accessing Our Website or its Content hereafter.
Right to use Personal Information & Usage Data
By making use of this Website, You authorise Us to capture, store, use and retrieve Your Usage Data and the Information that You provide to Us.
We may use the aforementioned Usage Data and Information for the following purposes:
a) Processing your business loan application.
b) Getting in touch with You by email, SMS, letter, telephone.
c) Assisting You with your grievances as a customer.
d) Providing Information to credit bureaus or other partners to assist in making credit decisions about you.
e) Improving Our service in accordance with your needs and requirements.
f) Marketing and other promotional activities.
g) Reaching out to You as a survey respondent for measuring customer satisfaction.
h) Identifying, preventing, detecting or tackling fraud, money laundering, terrorism and other crimes.
i) Recovering any payments that You owe to Ashv Finance.
j) Carrying out audits.
No Warranty
While Our continuous efforts are dedicated towards keeping the Content on Our Website accurate and updated at all times, We do not give any warranty that the services, products and Content available on the Website will be uninterrupted or error-free. There may be delays, omissions, interruptions, and inaccuracies in the products, services, Content available on the Website.
The Content on the Website is available on an ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis without any representation or endorsement whether expressed or implied, in relation to the Website, any Content herein, or any transaction that may be conducted on or through the Website including but not limited to, implied warranties of non-infringement, security, accuracy, conditions of completeness, or any implied warranty arising from course of dealing or usage or trade.
We reserve the right to add, amend, delete, edit, remove or modify Our products and services and Content displayed on this Website and without any prior notice from time to time.

No Liability
Though We take adequate measures to prevent viruses, malware, or other harmful materials from entering to the Website, We do not guarantee or warrant that the Website or any files that may be downloaded do not contain such harmful features. We shall not be liable for any damages caused on account of such material. Use of any Content or files on Our Website shall be at Your own risk. We are not liable for any loss, injury, liability or damage of any kind resulting from and arising out of, your use of Our Website.
Usage of the Website
This Website is only intended for use by residents of India. If You choose to use this Website from locations outside India, You do so at your sole risk and You are responsible for compliance with all applicable local laws. You warrant that You will not use the Website for any purpose that is unlawful, or prohibited by the aforementioned Terms of Use. You shall not use the Website in any manner that could damage, disable or impair the Website. You will be liable to Us for any damage, loss, claim, demand, liability or expense that We may suffer or incur arising out of or in connection with Your conduct on this Website.
Intellectual Property Rights

The copyright of the Information, content, material or data displayed on this Website belongs to Us or Our licensors / licensees or other authorized members. You may reproduce
Our Website Content in print form for Your own personal use but should not use it for any commercial purpose. This Website contains material which is owned by or licensed to Us and is protected by copyright. This material includes, but is not limited to, logo, designs, layout, Content, business names, trademarks, trading names domain name etc.

Each visitor at Our Website is a privileged guest for Us. Along with a seamless Website experience, We are committed to safeguard your privacy and the Data provided by You to Us at all times. By accessing Our Website, or any other page, You agree to Our privacy policy
Your Responsibilities
– You should always check the suitability, adequacy and appropriateness of the product and/or service that is of interest to You and it is Your sole decision whether to obtain or refrain from obtaining any product and/or service. If You are in any doubt as to the suitability, adequacy or appropriateness of any product and/or service referred to on this Website, We suggest that You seek independent professional advice before You obtain any product and/or service via this Website.
– As an internet user and a user of this Website, You must take all reasonable precautions to safeguard yourself from any harmful malware that could damage Your device or software.
– You must not disclose or share any sensitive Information such as username or password with anyone. If You choose to share Your login credentials such as username or password with anyone, You are solely responsible for all activities undertaken on this Website using Your personal credentials.
– You must get authorization from any other person about whom You wish to provide Information before You provide it. If You are providing any Information on behalf of any other person, You are confirming to us that You have their permission to do so and that they understand how their details will be used.
Amendments & Modifications
The aforementioned Terms and Conditions are subject to amendments from time to time without any prior notice, We advise You to review this page regularly to stay updated. Changes to this privacy policy are effective from the date they are posted on this page.

Terms & Conditions

This document is an electronic record in terms of the Information Technology Act, 2000, and rules made thereunder as applicable, and the prevailing law(s) as may be applicable at the relevant point of time. This Terms & Conditions is an electronic record is generated by a computer system and does not require any physical or digital signature.
The Terms & Conditions listed below are for a user of the application owned by Jain Sons Finlease Limited (“Ashv”), which apply whenever a user/s download, install, use and access the mobile application. By using the mobile application, you are deemed to have accepted these conditions.
Some areas of the mobile application may require registration or subscription. By completing the initial registration form and by entering your phone/ email address /password, together with any other requested information, you will be deemed to have accepted these Terms & Conditions. Also, by subscribing to any of our email services, you are deemed to have accepted these Terms & Conditions. If you register on the mobile application, you should read our privacy policy. If you do not agree to any of these terms or the Privacy Policy or any other policy or terms requiring your consent or deemed consent for using the App, please do not install or use the App in any manner whatsoever.
Further, we reserve the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, limit or discontinue any aspect, content or feature of the mobile application as well as any aspect to the use of mobile application.
1. Registration and Subscription
When you register or subscribe for our services, you are registering or subscribing as a personal user of the mobile application. Access to registered user premium content and subscription areas are via your login credentials (phone number/ email/ password).
We allow you to access the registered user premium content and subscription areas of the mobile application on the basis that:
(i) your email address and password are personal to you and may not be used by anyone else to access the mobile application
(ii) you will not do anything which would assist anyone who is not a registered user to gain access to or sell any content contained in the registered premium content or subscriber areas of the mobile application
(iii) you do not maliciously create additional registered user or subscription accounts for the purpose of abusing the functionality of the application, or other users; nor do you seek to pass yourself off as another user
(iv) you comply with these Terms & Conditions.
If, for any reason, we believe that you have not complied with these requirements, we may, at our discretion, cancel your access to the registered user and subscription areas of the mobile application immediately and without giving you any advance notice.

2. User Obligations
Users agrees NOT to use application for making any fraudulent transactions and for purposes that are unlawful, illegal or forbidden by these Terms & Conditions or under any applicable laws. User further agrees NOT to host, display, upload, modify any information that belongs to another person and which the user does not have any right thereto.
Ashv may, at its sole discretion, at any time and without prior notice or liability, impose additional requirements and restrictions or suspend, terminate or restrict your access to the application.
3. Termination of registration and subscription
If we wish to bring the agreement to an end, we will do so by emailing you at the address you have registered stating that the agreement has been terminated. Basis the termination, your email address and password will become invalid on the mobile application on immediate basis.
You can also terminate this agreement and your account at any time by emailing your notice to us, but your information may remain stored in archive on our servers even after the deletion or the termination of your account.
4. Disclaimer of Liability
Our liability to the user is limited. Notwithstanding anything contained in these Terms & Conditions or any other document in no event shall Ashv be liable for any liability for any loss/damage caused to the User, in any manner whatsoever, arising out of/in relation to misuse of the credentials of the user(s), with or without their knowledge or from breach of terms or otherwise and the user hereby waives its rights of making any claim, dispute or litigate in any manner whatsoever.
We give no warranties of any kind concerning the mobile application or the material. In particular, we do not warrant that the mobile application or any of its contents is virus free. You must take your own precautions in this respect as we accept no responsibility for any infection by virus or other contamination or by anything which has destructive properties.
5. Third party material
You may see material submitted by third parties on the mobile application. Those third-party individuals are solely responsible for the content of the material which they submit to us, including ensuring that it complies with relevant legislation. We accept no responsibility for the content of any third-party material, including, without limitation, any error, omission or inaccuracy therein.
We will not be liable for any infringement of copyright arising out of materials posted on or transmitted through the website by end users or any other third parties. Our policy is to comply with all relevant intellectual property laws and to act expeditiously upon receiving any notice of claimed infringement. If you believe that your work has been reproduced on this website in a manner that constitutes copyright infringement, please provide a notice of copyright infringement containing all relevant information to [email protected]
6. Data protection
Please see our privacy policy for details of how personal data may be stored and processed.
7. Intellectual Property
Ashv is sole owner of all rights, titles and interest including any and all intellectual property rights in application. User(s) do not have the right to use any of Ashv’s trade names, trademark, logos, domain names and other distinctive brand features. Any unauthorized use of the application shall prompt breach of these Terms & Conditions and which would result in legal action being initiated by Ashv against the user under the applicable laws.
8. Force majeure
Ashv shall not be held responsible for any damage, loss, non-availability of the application or for deficiency in services, which are beyond the control. Although we will do our best to provide constant, uninterrupted access to the mobile application, we do not guarantee this. We accept no responsibility or liability for any interruption or delay due to act of god, man made events or as per court order, change in law or any other circumstances,
9. Governing law & jurisdiction
These terms of services are governed by the Laws of India and all of the relevant parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts located in Mumbai, Maharashtra of India.
10. General

(a) No joint venture, partnership, employment or agency relationship exists between User and Ashv.
(b) If any provision of these Terms is held to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, under any applicable law, such provision or part thereof shall to that extent be deemed not to form part of these Terms but the legality, validity and enforceability of the other provisions in these Terms shall not be affected. In that event, Ashv shall endeavour to replace the illegal, invalid or unenforceable provision or part thereof with a provision or part thereof that is legal, valid and enforceable and which shall be binding on the User.
(c) These Terms & Conditions constitute the entire agreement and understanding of the parties with respect to its subject matter and replace and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous agreements or undertakings regarding such subject matter.

11. Grievances
A. In case the user has any concerns regarding the application, please contact:
Ms. Monika Thadeshwar (Variava)
Grievance Redressal Officer
Jain Sons Finlease Limited
12B, 3rd Floor, Techniplex-II IT Park,
Off. Veer Savarkar Flyover, Goregaon (West),
Mumbai – 400062, Maharashtra, India.
Tel: +91 22 6249 2700
Email: [email protected]

Ashv Finance Limited (hereinafter referred as “we/us”) does not provide refund & cancellation as we are a Non-banking Finance Company, thus we require payment gateway to receive EMI from our customers.

1. Amount once paid through the payment gateway shall not be refunded other than in the following circumstances:
– Multiple times debiting of customer’s Card/Bank Account due to technical error OR customer’s account being debited with excess amount in a single transaction due to technical error. In such cases, excess amount excluding payment gateway charges would be refunded to the customer.
– Due to technical error, payment being charged on the customer’s Card/Bank Account but the transaction is unsuccessful.

2. The customer will have to make an application for refund in the above-mentioned of the amount being debited. The application shall contain the transaction number and original payment receipt, if any, generated at the time of making payments.

3. The application in the prescribed format should be sent to[email protected]

4. The application will be processed manually and after verification. If the claim is found valid, the amount received in excess will be refunded by us through electronic mode in favor of the customer. Confirmation will be sent to the mailing address provided to us, within a period of 7 calendar days on receipt of such claim. It will take 3-7 days for the money to show in customer’s bank account depending on customer’s bank’s policy.

5. We assume no responsibility and shall incur no liability if we are unable to affect any Payment Instruction(s) on the payment date owing to any one or more of the following circumstances:
a. If the Payment Instruction(s) issued by customer is/are incomplete, inaccurate, and invalid and delayed.
b. If the Payment Account has insufficient funds/limits to cover for the amount as mentioned in the Payment Instruction(s).
c. If the funds available in the Payment Account are under any encumbrance or charge.
d. If customer’s Bank refuses or delays honouring the Payment Instruction(s).
e. Circumstances beyond our control (including, but not limited to, fire, flood, natural disasters, bank strikes, power failure, systems failure like computer or telephone lines breakdown due to an unforeseeable cause or interference from an outside force)
f. In case the payment is not effected for any reason, customer will be intimated about the failed payment by an e-mail.

6. Customer agrees that we, in our sole discretion, for any or no reason, and without penalty, may suspend or terminate his/her account (or any part thereof) or use of the Services and remove and discard all or any part of his/her account, user profile, or his/her recipient profile, at any time. We may also in our sole discretion and at any time discontinue providing access to the Services, or any part thereof, with or without notice. Customer agrees that any termination of his/her access to the Services or any account he/she may have or portion thereof may be effected without prior notice and also agrees that we will not be liable to customer or any third party for any such termination. Any suspected, fraudulent, abusive, or illegal activity may be referred to appropriate law enforcement authorities. These remedies are in addition to any other remedies we may have at law or in equity. Upon termination for any reason, the customer agrees to immediately stop using the Services.

7. Any dispute, controversy, or claim arising out of or relating to refund or cancellation shall be resolved as per our Grievance Redressal Process mentioned in the Grievance Redressal Policy available on our website.